Information Is Never Neutral: The Editor Of Wikileaks Breaks His Silence []

I have nothing but respect for journalists; they risk lives and careers in their quest for truth. This man is no different, and he’s probably at the vanguard of it all.

A Soft Murmur []

Relaxing ambient sounds that are great for hyper-focused productivity and blotting out urban noise. Also great if you tend work better against the backdrop of rain. Here’s the configuration I generally use: []

The new, safer nuclear reactors that might help stop climate change []

I’m a big proponent of nuclear power as the only viable alternative to fossil fuels for a long-term energy solution. This article gives some insight into the new types of reactors that are making this possibility safer for both humanity and the planet.

Design Systems Repo []

“An organized and frequently updated collection of Design System examples, resources, tools, articles and videos.” Wonderful resource for discovering corporate design systems.

Leisure Is Our Killer App []

There’s a saying that goes “Not all those who wander are lost” and this article speaks to that as well as the ability of the human brain to enhance, repair, and grow itself by counter-intuitively doing nothing at all.

Joe Rogan Experience #1284 - Graham Hancock []

He’s back! Another great podcast with one of the world’s great intellectuals, Graham Hancock.