The Eternal Mainframe []

Fantastic essay on the cyclical nature of centralized computing and how it’s shaped (and continues to shape) the roadmap of modern cloud computing.

The Wisdom of Never Leaving your Hotel Room []

Relatable for creatives and introverts; albeit the hotel rooms in the article are not even remotely contemporary (and therefore suck!).

The Modern Man Is Getting Stoicism All Wrong []

A deep dive into the stunted (if not self-defeating) masculinity of modern times that hides under the guise of Stoicism.

The Libertarian Case for Term Limits []

From an Objectivist vantage point I totally agree — term limits should be applied to anyone in public office of any kind.

Uplifting Trance Radio · 24/7 Live Stream []

My productivity soared when I came across this YouTube live stream that plays absolutely beautiful Trance 24/7! You’re welcome.

WTF Util []

Basically a system dashboard for your terminal. I’ll need a bigger screen or a bunch of tmux shells but this is definitely awesome.